Novak Djokovic’s broken reputation: Australian Visa Saga.

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Novak Djokovic's broken reputation: Australian Visa Saga.

Is Novak Djokovic an anti vax Hero? Is he an example we should follow? Has he acted at his best during this whole situation? Could things be handled differently? Is he right, is he wrong?

Well, I’m not going to answer these questions, it’s not up to me, however I do feel he went a little over what could be perceived as sensible. 

If I tell you Novak Djokovic and Australian Open, what are you gonna think about it?

These two letters, AO Australian Open, they will be forever related to a person won a lot of titles there, and I think it’s about nine titles.

But just because it’s been kicked out of the country, why has this happened?


It’s been weeks of very, very intense news and information related to the Novak Djokovic story.

And today we are going to talk about tennis.

We’re going to be talking about the case of Novak Djokovic, who has been kicked out of the country and received a ban and his visa has been canceled, and he might not be able to enter the country for the next three bloody years.

The Australian Open is one of the four major in the sport.

And as you like tennis, as you play tennis, as you follow tennis like myself, you know that Australian Open is the first major of the year. It started on the 17 January this year.

And today the day of recording is 25 January. Bertini just won against Monfils playing Natalie in the semifinal. And what we’re going to be talking about is essentially what happened before.

This was all over the news globally.

There were no exceptions. He was not vaccinated, and that was the main reason why he was denied entry to Australia.

And this is very serious in a way, because as a tennis player, as a tennis fan, I’m wondering what’s going to happen to Novak Djokovic.

How is he going to handle this season in 2022 where possibly every major, every tournament will be requiring vaccination?

Is he going to do it? You hear Boris Becker, all the players, other coaches saying you should do it. I think you should have not gone to Australia in the first place.

Purpose of this video is to go through the full story and understand what responsibilities there were and what we can learn from this.

The story begins on 4th January

Novak Djokovic just made a statement on his Instagram profile saying that he was going to Australia to play the Australian Open. And this is held in Melbourne, which is under the state of Victoria.

And apparently it was going to go there through an exemption and it wasn’t clear at that time what was the exemption for and what were the reasons really. And the funny thing is that Australia, everyone knows about it.

They’ve got a very strict policy in terms of immigration and their border controls are famous all over the global TV shows talking about how strict they were, how Busters they were. I’m sorry about this, obviously. No offense.

How he’s going to make it? What does he know that we don’t know? Okay. It’s another rich guy, possibly the goat. The greatest of all times in tennis history is won a lot.

It’s got power. He’s also created a sort of an association of tennis players which is going against, in a way to the ATP, which is the main and official tennis association of look, everybody was wondering how this thing was going to work.

Around midnight on the 5 January, he was in Australia, just landed and he was straight away questioned about his presence there. And both the police essentially just got him away and took his phone.

You can see photos from Goran Ivanisevic talking about the fact that they were put aside and they were kept alone.

Something happened and we don’t really know what. Later the conversation was revealed as soon as this thing started to unravel, especially because politics got involved.

Scott Morrison on the Prime Minister essentially made a statement on the same day, even though it was someone essentially it wasn’t going to be treated especially, but just as anyone else.

And he was very much skeptical about his exemption.

So the sort of situation was going to be looked after.

By this time, it was already clear that the fact was basically political rather than related to sport. The things became really in a way funny, even though it wasn’t funny at all.

When his visa was canceled, essentially, he was putting a hotel inverted commerce together with other migrants that were waiting there. It’s been said for about nine years, in some cases waiting for a decision for Australian officials to grant them access to the country.

And obviously this draw a lot of attention about the conditions of how these migrants were and all of that.

So the media actually didn’t really cover that side of things, but continued to focus on Novak Djokovic and the fact that a billionaire was essentially put in this condition.

And on the other side, family, father, mother, brother were just met at the government and the situation saying that he was a victim.

He was like, Jesus Christ, he shouldn’t deserve this sort of behavior carried out on him. It was becoming funny, to be honest with you, and also people were starting to gather outside the premises and drawing attention on this.

And Serbians got involved. Massively. Djokovic in Serbia movie star is someone that is very well beloved and considered a special man.

The Prime Minister of Serbia got involved in this, trying negotiations with the counterparts. And in a few days, these things became very unmanageable in a certain sense.

The appeal came. Lawyers were able to put the case against and the decision was overturned. So Djokovic was granted access to Australia, he was able to visit and play at the venues. It seemed that at that time the story was over on the 8 January was made public.

It was proved that it was under COVID-19 infection for the second time in two years, essentially. Apparently, he made a test on the 16th and it was positive. He made his visa application on this grounds.

However, Tennis Australia, the Federation and the organization of the Australian Open really put the deadline on the 10 December. So it was made an exemption for him, although you couldn’t get into the country unless you had vaccinations.

And the fact that you had copied in the previous six months of the entry wasn’t in the criteria anymore. You were not eligible even though you had covered. So the vaccination was the only thing for you to be able to get in, essentially.

Now the judge granted him access and essentially overturning the decision made by the government. But apparently on the 12 January, some news reported what happened after it was caught positive to covid 19.

He made appearances on the 17th and the 18 December in two occasions where apparently was positive. He said that on his social media accounts because he really wanted to sort of put some truth on what was happening. It’s been polarizing. Essentially. He participated in an event for children.

And the day after, he essentially made an interview with the newspaper. This was very responsible for him, of course. And why did he do this? This led to a very tense situation because after this news emerged, Alex Hawke essentially decided to step up, using his power to say that the visa was canceled again.

Djokovic was due to leave the country at that point, but his lawyers decided to make a pill on this again, and therefore it was sent back to the same hotel where all this started.

The story really ends on the 16th, Sunday, just the day before the tournament started, when the judges this time three judges decided to rule that the government was right. So he wasn’t given access to Australia. His visa was canceled, confirmed.

So he had to leave the country, fly away through Dubai, and then finally Serbia. Australian Open was one of the favorite tournaments for Novak.

Can you understand what that means? I mean, it’s a huge thing. What happens next? How is he going to do it? What sort of issues is he going to be facing in 2022?

I have a few things I’m thinking about.

So one of them is Australia. So you require vaccination, but what’s the reason why? You are not going to compare the fact that you had COVID and you healed from COVID to the fact that you have been vaccinated. So the antibodies should be equally important for this and what’s the reason behind this?

But it doesn’t really come to me to say why. And the other thing is that why was he actually sent home? The visa was revoked. I’m going to quote, because his presence could stir up antivaccine sentiment and that kicking him out was necessary to keep Australians safe.

So as you know, I work in the marketing field and digital communication side of things and authority and what people say about you for me is really important as soon as I’m involved in helping a business, essentially building and growing their reputation.

And if I look at this case, I can see that there are a few losers on this. Who lost here? Number one, Djokovic himself, Novak Djokovic’s parents thirst state of Victoria, the Australian government.

Now, if you think about them, we need to sort of get in the Australian Federation as well, because obviously Djokovic is not acted on his own, but he was guided through. He’s not a fool.

He’s not the last guy on the train. He really was advised to do certain things because someone told him to do so and he was badly advised on this. But ultimately it’s your responsibility as well.

And therefore the reputation in a way is kind of ruined, at least for some time. It’s been a shame that because of this we had an opportunity to discuss about serious matters and has not been done.

Primarily, the fact that Australian borders and Australian police is very much tough and brutal against migrants and immigration, there is very concern in a certain sense, and this was the perfect case to discuss about it and to speak about it.

But people were just entertained by this. I’m really curious to see what’s going to happen to Novak Djokovic sponsors, because we know on this day the 25 January La Coast a few days ago just said that he was going to review the case of Novak Djokovic.

There has been another news that he was going to sue the Australian government for at least $5 billion. I mean, look, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I’m curious to know your opinion and let’s see what’s going to happen in 2022 for the season, the words of tennis is divided between Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal on one side and the other side. Novak Djokovic. Which side are you in?

I think this has to do with this person because obviously you’ve got someone on one side that is happy for what has happened.

He deserved it, bursts and the other side that they are essentially raising funds. That’s been very bad for them. Where do you stand? How do you think this should have gone in your opinion? What’s gone wrong?

Have we lost something as tennis fans or we gained something? Was this a good lesson for him or he did not deserve it?

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