Tennis Star hosts first metaverse tennis tournament

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Tennis Star hosts first metaverse tennis tournament

This is seriously happening: I’m going to compete on a Metaverse tennis tour of tournaments. No bullshit, all 100% true.

This has become reality thanks to “The Ballman Project”, a collection of digital tennis players who can compete in Metaverse tournaments and let owners earn money while they play.

And the man behind all of this is… Stan The Man!

Of course, together with a wonderful team of experts that have made possible for the technology to give birth to this project.

What is all about?

The NFT open series is a series of virtual tennis tournaments designed for the ballman community.

Tournaments are organised every week, a Ballman NFT will always grant VIP access to these tournaments, where you’ll play one-on-one against other Ballman players – or perhaps even special guests.

Each Ballman NFT will feature unique characteristics to help you perform in your matches.

You’ll even have the chance to boost their characteristics with special bonuses like energy boosters, luck, Stan coaching and more.

No Ballman NFT can beat everyone, and while some will have a better chance of winning any given match, each match will be unique and random – just like the real circuit.

Your performance in these tournaments will earn you lots of cool rewards like points, gifts, rare AirDrops and, most importantly, ETH Prize Money.

My first NFT purchase

I recently bought my NFT and can’t wait for the tournaments to start, in the real world I play competitive tennis and am a supermassive fan of Stan The Man.

I hit with a one handed backhand and you know how he can be an inspiration about it.

I didn’t rush to buy one as soon as they were minted on February 7th, the sale went very well and all NFTs were quickly sold.

At that time, on one hand I was trying to understand what was behind the scenes, on the other hand I was looking for their prices to become a little more affordable.

I didn’t want to spend 1.000 euros – perhaps more – to buy a digital player, I was not giving those NFTs such a high value. Sorry Stan! 🙂

But the opportunity came, the market somewhat stabilised and prices went down.

Their Discord channel and the community

As every NFT project, this one has got a thriving community on Discord. I came across very helpful and interesting people that gave me all the information I needed to get the ball rolling.

Yes, because of course there is the Ballman official website, there are videos and information, the whitepaper, but sometimes you just need a hand from someone next to you.

I ran a survey and what I found out is that – out of those who signed up for the survey – the majority are from Europe like me, they play tennis, they have little knowledge about NFTs but decided to buy purely to play, they own other NFTs as well and cryptocurrencies.

But first and foremost, they knew Stan Wawrinka beforehand: he is the appealing factor for this project and The Man we all look at in terms of reliability of the project itself.

But feel free to get a wider understanding of the survey by clicking on this link.

How and when the tour will take place

At the time of recording this video, we are still in the first step of the roadmap, we know that training sessions will start in the next weeks and tournaments shortly afterwards.

All tournaments will be held in a virtual arena called the “Ballman Meta Stadium.”

The digital players have been randomly assigned traits like technique, conditioning, power, mindset, tactics. These will help to determine how they will end up performing in virtual tournaments.

Players progress through different levels like daily training, weekly tournaments, the super series, and the final four.

In other words, much like real tennis players, you can enhance your player’s skills (better tennis gear, better shoes, training, rest or even a coach), the more a player trains and wins, the more valuable the NFT becomes.

And if you win, there is a prize money offered in the form of ether and boosters: we are talking about real money here, or at least, it is crypto but as you know it does have a countervalue that has become tangible.

The tour will span over several months and will reward the top collectors with a total of 240 Ether: as of today, 1 Ethereum has a value of around 2,300 euros, you can do the maths!

Weekly tournaments will only grant you valid points for the tour, whereas Super series victory will grant you 0,75 eth and final four victory will double your earnings.

Let’s get some conclusions rolling

We came to the very end of the video, I hope you enjoyed it and might perhaps consider jumping on board as I did.

On Opensea there are plenty of Ballman NFTs still on the market and I truly believe there will be a lot going on, that’s why I decided to purchase one.

Obviously this is not to be seen as my advice, you must carry out your own due diligence and carefully consider your situation before doing anything about it.

But in all cases, let me know your thoughts in the comments below, have you bought one? Why did you do it? What are your expectations?

p.s. Stan, if you are reading this or watching the video, please let me have a chance to setup an interview with you and discuss about the project!