How to build a personal brand: most powerful personal branding strategies.

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How to build a personal brand most powerful personal branding strategies

What is personal branding? How is personal branding done? How do you build a successful personal brand?

In this article I’ve tried to clarify and make an understanding of the dynamics that lead to the birth of a successful personal brand!

In the world of today, we have all the circumstances to make it and there is no excuse: personal branding is not just for celebrities.

Anyone can build a personal brand and use it at their own advantage, for instance to maximise their online presence and increase their revenues and popularity.

Let’s find out more on this subject, shall we?

We all have a Personal Brand

According to Neil Patel, a major digital marketing expert in the space:

“Personal branding is the process of intentionally creating and influencing your public perception. This is done by positioning you as an authority in an industry or differentiating yourself from the competition and increasing your reputation.”

Personal branding is by far the best way to show your uniqueness and your specialties.

And it’s no longer something related just to celebrities, you can benefit from this powerful marketing strategy right away.

These days, anyone can gain recognition online by growing a personal brand.

And listen carefully: a personal brand exists whether or not you create it for yourself.

When you publish a blog post, for example, you are revealing aspects of your personality to the people who will come across that at some point.

Your personal brand develops around the content you post, either on social media or anything else you are involved with.


Personal Branding is nothing more than the ability to ‘sell ourselves’ and create empathy with others.

Yes, empathy: that’s what marketing is all about.

Personal Branding is nothing more than the effect of effective marketing applied to our own person.

It is us with our values, our history, our choices, our ambitions, our skills and competences.

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